Vastu Tips for Home – 5 Things You Should Not Have

Quick Vastu Tips for Home

Quick Vastu Tips for Home -

For ensuring, the house you live in, is always full of positive energy and there is abundance flowing, these are the 5 things you should not have in your home. These are quick Vastu Tips for Home to implement.

No 1. Hanging Wires – They are the sign of poverty. It indicates the financial loss. Ensure all wires are concealed.

No. 2 Cracks in the Walls and Paint – It indicates relationship problems in the house. The family harmony is missing in the house. Read more about Vastu Tips for Relationship.

No. 3 Broken Cabinets – It indicates your personal life is exposed to the world and there is room for outsiders to interfere in your life. Fix them to maintain your privacy.

No. 4 Spider Webs – It brings poverty and dead energies in the house. Spider webs are used by spiders to catch its food, kill it resulting in stress.  This is a source of negative energy. Removing it will reduce stress in your life.

No. 5 Broken Glass Items/Mirrors – It is a symbol of misfortune and an attack on your fame and reputation. they need to be dumped on priority.

These 5 Vastu tips for home once fixed will boost the Vastu Energy and will improve it. You will experience the difference immediately after they are implemented.

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