Lion’s Gate Portal Maneifestation

Lion's Gate Portal 2023 - Alternate Healing Solutions
Lion’s Gate Portal 2023 – Alternate Healing Solutions

Lion’s Gate Portal is the powerful time for manifestation. The 8/8 Energy Portal emits the most powerful energy. This is a time marked by enormous spiritual force. The best time to fulfil your desires that are in line with your larger good is said to be right now.

What is Lion’s Gate?

The Leo period lasts from July 22 to August 23. Leo is the governing sign, which means that the Sun is in Leo for this period. Sun is in its own house, making him the most powerful. The sun brings life, it provides health, and it is the King. Throughout this time, the Sun’s attributes can be used more effectively and fiercely.

What is 8/8 energy?

The 8/8 energy is at its highest on August 8th at 8:08 am. Further, this date and time when used during the Lion’s Gate Portal Manifestation. As it emits the most energy, this is a time marked by enormous spiritual force. The best time to fulfil your desires that are in line with your larger good is said to be right now.

The eighth house in astrology represents power, metamorphosis, spirituality, and sex. In numerology, the number eight indicates an unlimited and never-ending circle of energy circulating. The eighth card in the major arcana of Tarot is the “Strength” card, which depicts a woman taming a lion. The image implys that her inner power can defeat even the most wild and violent monsters. As a result, it is more effective for the intended goal.

When will Lion’s Gate Portal open?

The star Sirius, Earth, and the Orion constellation form a unique arrangement in the sky. The star Sirius is also known as the Dog star. The Lion’s Gate Portal opens at this point in time. The Orion Constellation is also known as the Kalpurush constellation (a grouping of stars in the shape of a hunter). This spiritual portal will open for the first time this year on July 26th, 2023, peak on August 8th, and close on August 12th, 2023. This alignment of Sirus and Earth, catalysts “light codes” within one’s soul, strengthening your manifestation energy.

How to manifest during Lion’s Gate Portal?

Different people participate in various manifestation procedures. If you have been using a specific manifestation procedure, you can simply repeat it. Whereas, some of the basic but effective procedures I use are fire bowl, bay leaf, and candle manifestation. Today I’m going to share the candle manifestation technique, which is a blend of several processes ranging from cleaning and grounding to manifestation.

Manifestation Process steps –

Step 1 – Cleansing for Lion’s Gate Portal Energy Invocation –

First, to purify the energy of the location where the process will take place, use any smudging item, such as an agarbatti, an incense stick, a sage bundle, or a palo santo stick. Moving in an anti-clockwise manner, ask the smudging tool’s smoke to dispel any negative energy and provide the right energy condition for manifestation.

After cleansing, sit facing East on a mat or a chair with the smudging tool in front of you. Clap three times and tap three times to clear any negative energy from our aura. To purify yourself, take the smudging tool and move it around your body in an anti-clockwise pattern.

Step 2 – Grounding for Lion’s Gate Portal Energy Absorbtion –

Take three deep breaths now. Breathe deeply through your nose, exhale through your mouth with an “aaahh” sound, and feel your mind and body relax. Close your eyes lightly and focus on your breathing. After some time in this state, imagine golden roots sprouting from your feet and piercing Mother Earth to its core. Feel safe and secure as you visualise these roots becoming strong at the centre.

Step 3 – Candle Healing –

You will need a yellow lion candle for this process. If you don’t have one, any yellow candle will suffice. If a yellow candle is not available, use a regular white candle. Rub it with sandalwood essential oil. You only need to light the candle in front of you and say, “I harness the power of the Leo constellation and Lion’s Gate Portal and invite in all that will serve my highest good.”

With this in mind, for 10 minutes in a meditative state, express thanks for what you have so far. You thank God for your body, housing, food, water, air, clothing, employment, love, and care….  Despite the fact that it is an unending list, express thanks for 10 minutes to anything that comes to mind.

Then repeat the following affirmations 45 times–

“I am bountiful and blissful.

I am beautiful.”

“May the spiritual sun shines upon me, all love surround me, and the pure light within guide me.”

I hope you will be energised with the Lion’s Gate Portal energy and feel the shift in your energies that will allow you to materialise your desires.

Blessed Be.

This is another beautiful ritual for Lion’s Gate Portal Manifestaion by Forever Conscious.

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