Root Chakra – Understanding and Treatment

Root Chakra Balancing for Security and Grounding

Today, we are going to understand in detail about Root Chakra / Base Chakra (Muladhara), the 1st Chakra. This will help you understand it in detail with it characteristic and different ways to work on balancing it.

Basic Characteristics of Root Chakra

Root Chakra is Red in colour. It is situated at Base of the spine. The element of Root/Base Chakra is Earth.

Root Chakra has the rights “to be here”. The sense associated with this chakra is Smell. Its primary function is Grounding and Security. It works on the principles of Simplicity and Basics.

Root Chakra Balancing for Security and Grounding

Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine

Understanding symptoms of Root Chakra

Basic issues related to this chakra are Survival, Self preservation. With the lack of energy or imbalance of Root Chakra, symptoms noted are Lack of self-esteem, head in the clouds, procrastination, low sex drive, feel insecure.  If the Root Chakra is over-active or excessively open, symptoms noted are Egoistic, Selfish, materialistic, the sexual focus is solely genital, dominating. The colour of the chakra is used, in form of clothing and jewellery for the treatment, when the energy of chakra is low and its opposite colour is used when the chakra is excessively open. So, to balance the chakra energy when deficient, use Red colour for treatment and Violet / White colour is used to treat excessively opened chakra. The characteristics of balanced Root Chakra are Grounded, master of oneself can manifest abundance, limitless energy.

Root Chakra Connection

Root Chakra is connected to Crown: Central Nervous System, Head, Cerebral Cortex, Upper Spine, Hair and Pineal gland. It is emotionally connected to Physical Needs: Base needs of Safety and Security, Being Grounded, Behaviors; Sexuality, Fear.

Root Chakra Balancing for Security and Grounding

Root Chakra Symbol and Mantra “Lam”

Root Chakra Treatments

To balance the Chakra, using colour therapy, Decorate your home or workplace in shades of red, wear red clothing and jewellery.

You can use the chakra element to balance the chakra also. The element therapy to balance Root Chakra – Walk barefoot in the grass, dig your toes in the sand, spend time in nature.

The Chakra can be balanced with good nutrition. Eat Tomatoes, Beetroot, red berries, apples, pomegranates.

By chanting Lam while meditating can also help to balance Root Chakra. Affirmation for balancing Root Chakra is “I am safe, protected and secure. As is as it should be.”.

Here, I am sharing a small meditation using Mudra for balancing Root Chakra.

Let the tips of your thumb and index finger touch.

Concentrate on the Root chakra at the spot in between the genitals and the anus.

Chant the sound LAM.

Use any of the above methods consistently for 21 days to balance your Root Chakra and experience the change in your life. For some people, it may take little longer too. Ensure you are doing it daily at a fix time and place, if you are meditating.

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