Chakras – A Brief Understanding

seven Chakras - Alternate Healing

As we are aware, our body is 80% filled with fluid, which is moving and our mind has floating thoughts, everything in the mind-body energy system is moving. This makes it crucial that our energy centres – the seven main chakras, stay open, aligned, and fluid.

To understand this, first, let us understand what Chakras are. Here, I am making an attempt to explain this in the simplest form. If you still have queries, you can drop your doubts here in the comments.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel of light”. They are conductors of energy. It conducts cosmic energy and earth energy. These energies are connected with our aura. Aura has seven layers. The point, at which these energies meet are chakras.

There are thousands of chakras in our body. But there are seven major chakras which control and regulate others which are in turn linked to our organs.

Seven Chakras - Alternate Healing

These chakras can be in any of the 4 states – balanced, open, blocked or sealed. Let me share with you what does this state means through its characteristics.

The states of Chakra –

  1. Balanced – Properly functioning, allowing free flow of energy all the time, spinning in a proper direction (clockwise).
  2. Open – channel is created between person and environment for flow of energy
  3. Blocked – spinning anti-clockwise, not spinning, energy flow is stuck
  4. Sealed – healthy and balanced chakra covered with a protective layer

The state of our mental and physical health is directly linked to the state of chakras in our body. If there’s a blockage or any of the chakra is closed due to any kind of negative energies or blocks, the flow of energy is narrowed – like River water is forced to flow through a stream. Similar things happen with flowing energy in our body and mind resulting in illness and sickness.

Seven Chakras –

Chakra No. Chakra Name Indian Chakra Name (Sanskrit)
1 Root Muladhara
2 Sacral Svadhisthana
3 Solar / Navel Manipura
4 Heart Anahata
5 Throat Vishuddha
6 Third Eye Ajna
7 Crown Sahasrara

In this series, I am making an attempt to help you unlock and transform your energy so that you can reach your highest mental, physical, and spiritual potential. In my later post of this series, I will be making an attempt to increase knowledge about all our seven chakras one by one in detail. Follow me on Facebook for regular updates.

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