Vastu Tips for Office

#AlternateHealing Vastu Tips for Office

#AlternateHealing – 5 Simple Vastu Tips for Office

We spend around 9-10 hrs a day at our workplace and surrounded by people with all different types of vibrations and energy. It becomes more imperative for us to ensure we don’t get affected by these vibrations and energy and work with our positive vibrations for productive outcomes.

I have tried to help you with 5 simple Vastu tips for office and workplace that will help harmonious and balanced place to work for stability and enhancement of Luck for individuals.

Vastu Tips for Office

#AlternateHealing – 5 Simple Vastu Tips for Office

5 basic Vastu tips for office –

1. Sit facing the door. This will ensure no surprises are coming to you.

2. Put a picture of mountains behind your back. This will build a support for you at your workplace.

3. Ensure your work place/desk is clutter-free. This will keep you free from unnecessary stress.

4.  It is advisable not to place idols or images of deities on your desk, as this is not considered respectful. God have been understood as supereme power, and the place provided to the god idols should be separte from the day to day things.

5. Avoid eating food at your workstation/table. Workstation is only meant for working and dealing the business, other kind of work should not be performed on the table.

Do leave your comments on your views on these Vastu tips for office  shared here.

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