Vastu tips for Doors

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Here is my hearties apologies for not been providing you regular tips on Vastu. But now here I am, back with some really exciting information and tips for Vastu Homes. I am sure it will add value to you.

Let us now understand about the Vastu tips for Doors.

It is always good to have East, North, West and South doors are perpendicular to each other as per the compass needle.

We have readings saying that the west facing and south facing houses are inauspicious, but its not the truth. The truth is that all the four facing plots are good and it as per the favourable direction for every individual. What we have to take care is that the house is built according to the Vastu Shastra.

For us to understand, it is very simple. We have to take care that the doors of those buildings which has a 15 degrees twist, the gate and main door in East is now shifted to North-East and that is not favourable. Same goes with those building with South gate gets shifted to South-West. In such situation it is advisable to have gates and door in the North-East in East side plots, North-East in North side plots, South-East in South side plots and the North-West in West side plots.

It is always preferred to have doors placed at North-East corner for the North facing plot as it is the best suitable place. Similarly, we prefer to have doors placed at North-East corner for the East facing plots, doors placed at South-East corner for the South facing plots and doors placed at North-West corner for the West facing plots. It is always advisable to take some suggestions from experienced Vastu consultant for second and third best solutions.

For any rooms with the entrance from South West, the door should always be placed in the North-East. The reason behind this is, when someone enters, the waves emerging from the doors affect the mind with the magnetic waves always flow around us. So, it is also advisable to have some painting or window opposite to each door for air flow.

As far as the size and shape of the door is concern, Vastu advises that width of the door should be half of the height of the door, its good for the house.

The main entrance door of the house has lots of importance and hence it is always good to have it made from good quality wood. It’s width should always be bigger than other doors of the house to distingue it from other doors. It should be decorated with a design and should be painted. It should look grand compared with the other doors. The main door is the index of the quality of the good vibrations of the house.

As per the Vedic concept, Vastu home has to be aligned with the cardinal directions. It is very important to take care that while entering into the house, there should not be any disturbing works of art such as those depicting war and misery as they invite negative energy in the house, affecting every one residing in the house.

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