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vastu_purushHello Friend,
It’s been long now. But I have lots to share. Today, we are going to see some of the most common queries we have about Vastu.
The most commonly question people have asked me is “Is Vastu Sastra the science of architecture?”
My views with the knowledge imparted by Devi Saraswati, my teachers and what I have experienced is Vastu Sastra is the science of architecture but also is all about the science of Cosmology, Astronomy, Metaphysics, Geography and Geology.

Let me elaborate. When we look at it with respect to the Cosmological aspect, in the immense universe, apart from the Earth we live in, there are many Solar Systems apart from our solar system affecting the lives on Earth. It is also observed in texts of the Ayadi Shadvarga about the construction of the holy places like Temples and Residences.

The great Brihat Samhita of Varamihira also talks in the text about Vastu Sastra. It says : “ I will now explain for the happiness of the astronomers and astrologers the science of architecture that has come down from Brahma through a steady line of intellectuals.”

To understand the metaphysical aspect, best can be made very clear if we can understand Vastu Purusha Mandala. The Mandala symbolizes the metaphysical principle of the all-encompassing celestial principles.

Geographical and Geological facets of Vastu Sastra are involved in the study of topography of the land and its surrounding before purchasing the land apart from the external universe including rivers, sea, mountains, continents, stars, planets. It also involves the interrogation of soil which involves sound, touch, smell, taste and color highlight the geological aspects of this great science.

The other most commonly asked question is “Can you provide some guidelines to find a suitable site for building my house?

From all possible texts I have read, they tell us that the natural flow of the land should be to the East, North and/or North-east. The Samarangana Sutradhara clearly tells us that the land slanting towards the direction presided over by Varuna (West), Yama (South), Marut (North-west), Agni (South-east) and that which is depressed in the brahmasthana (middle) is extremely bad and unfit for living. There are certain sufferings identified due to the downslide. The below table demonstrate the same.

Downslide Suffering from
South-east Fear of fire
South Fear from ill-health, insanity and death
South-west Ailments resulting in chronic disorders
West Loss of peace, wealth and prosperity
North-west Foreign residence, family quarrels and ailments.

Poverty and disintegration is generally observed due to depression or hollowness in the middle.

Health and wealth is attracted with elevation in the middle and declivity towards the east, north and north-east.

Happiness and contentment comes with depression in the borders of all the four sides.

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