Vastu for North Facing House

North facing house

North facing house

When you see a road on the north side from your entrance is a North Facing House. It has to be perpendicular to your entrance.

The North Facing Plot will be directly connected to the Children in the house. Though it is very good for any type of constructions, due care is required while deciding the structural design as the magnetic forces of the earth are generated from the North Pole.

There are few specialties to help with Vastu for North Facing House. North is a Water element. Water resembles Wealth. So it creates wealthy and healthy vibrations and ensures prosperity of the people living in these north facing plots and grounds.

As per Vastu, Lord Kuber stays in the North Direction. Lord Kuber is the Lord of Wealth. He distributes wealth according to the sins and deeds of human. With proper consultation North Facing House can make you are prosperous and wealthy compared to others.

As North is also the direction of Knowledge as Mercury rules this direction. It benefits the children living in this house to attain higher studies and success in their career.

The suggestions are always customised as per the unit and its use.

Check directions using a Compass

Vastu Compass


You can buy a compass to check your directions on Amazon.

For better results, kindly consult to an expert of Vastu for North Facing House to avoid the wrong use of instruments.

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