Tips on Vastu for Homes

vastu_homeHello All,
I have here tried to help you with the permission of Lord Ganesha, Lordess Saraswati and Lord Vastu Purusha to list down some of the important points on Vastushashtra for the balancing of our homes.
Here I have tried to list some of the Tips on Vastu for homes which can help you as a guideline for a better leaving. It is strongly recommended not to demolish any of the areas of a house on the base of these information but use it to rearrange the things in the house to balance it.
The ancient text and Samarangana Sutradhara clearly tells that “the land slanting towards the direction presided over by Varuna (West), Yama (South), Marut (North-west), Agni (South-east) and that which is depressed in the brahmasthana (middle) is extremely bad and unfit for living.” On the basis of this piece of information we can derive that the natural flow of the land should be to the East, North and/or North-east.
Now understanding this, here are some of the tips listed for you to arrange your house:
Try and prefer to have East or North Entrance. West and South entrances are suitable to person based on the horoscope of the Owner of the Vastu house.
The Center of the house Vastu , Bhramastan is always preferred to be empty to generate more positive energy in the house.
The place of Worship should be in such a way that you face East or North while worshiping God.
The Wealth should be in the North direction.
Preserve food grains in the NW corner of the Vastu.
West is the best direction for Study and Dinning.
Use SE corner for preparing food or using Electronic appliances.
Make sure that the toilets, dust bins and groom sticks are kept in the SW corner of the house.
I have tried here to help you with the most basic and important Vastu tips to note while arranging the house Vastu. Those arrangements which can’t be possible without demolishing can be rectified with Vastu Instruments, Pyramids and Feng Sui instruments.

Lets design a home, a place worth living as it plays an important role in making our Dreams come true.

Wish you all the Happy Living…

Thank you all.

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