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vastu dosh remedies

There are few common Vastu dosh remedies and cures that can help you to overcome the limitation of purchasing or building a Vastu compliance house or property. With limited space in a city or metro, it is very obvious to get 100% Vastu compliance house. It is very natural to have some Vastu dosh or defect in the property you have purchased and it might be even difficult to change the architect or place of everything in the house. It becomes more challenging in such situation to have the harmonious living. With the use energised and charged objects and some minor changes which are possible, one can bring back peace, harmony and happiness in their life.

Here, I have tried to list down few common Vastu dosh remedies and cure which are doable and effective. Implementing them will definitely benefit everyone in the house.

Vastu Dosh Remedies and Cure for common defects –

Vastu dosh remedies using pyramids

Pyramids are used as Vastu dosh remedies to balance the electromagnetic field of the human aura to harmonise mind, body, spirit and environment.

  • If your main door is opening outwards, it needs to be immediately changed or replaced such that it opens inside the house.
  • Placement of heavy items like fridge, shelf, microwave, the grinder etc should be towards south and west wall of your kitchen.
  • There are some pictures, paintings or posters like sad / crying girls, war scenes (Mahabharat war scene), angry person, owl or eagle, sex posters, etc are inauspicious for a home. You should replace them immediately.
  • It is observed that if any person is facing health problem in the house, there is definitely a correlation with the bed or place of sleeping.  As per Vastu, it is strongly recommended to have a four leg bed. Box-type beds block the circulation of air. This also impacts the health of the person using such bed. The position of the head should be ideally in the South or East. North is strictly restricted.
  • To cure unavoidable Vastu defects, it is advisable to use pyramids as it is an effective and pocket-friendly way of decrease all the Vastu defects of a house or a building. They are to be installed in the strategic location in the house like the centre of the house, a specific room or an energetic key point. Its purpose is to balance the electromagnetic field of the human aura to harmonise mind, body, spirit and environment.

We will see more precise Vastu dosh remedies for each direction in the coming posts. Stay connected and feel free to reach out to me for remedies in your house or office. Drop a mail at [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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