Vastu Crystal Balls for Positive Energy

Vastu Crystal Balls for Positive Energy -

Vastu Crystal Balls are commonly used in the house and office for positive energies. It can also be used for the rectification of directions where pyramids look odd or are not wished for. They are hung near windows in the house to bring more light. There are many ways to effectively use Vastu Crystal Balls.

What are Vastu Crystals Balls?

Vastu Crystal Balls are made or Clear Quartz. The metaphysical properties of Quartz make it a very versatile in nature.  It works in all conditions and is very powerful in nature. This aids to amplify any energy, thought or intention. It can absorb energy very fast and hence also important to clean once in six months. The absorbed energy after amplified and purified is radiated outwards in the environment.

Vastu Crystal Balls are faceted and this results in the wider spread of radiated energy. It is also one of the reasons for its greatest usage for energy balancing in Vastu and Feng Shui. This is one of the reasons many other Feng Shui artefacts made of Clear Quartz, available in the market, are used to magnify energies.

Where can all Vastu Crystal Balls use?

Vastu Crystal Balls for Positive Energy - Vastu Crystal Balls are used for –

  1. Filling the environment with positive energies.
  2. Correcting Vastu Disha Dosh (Vastu Rectification).
  3. Healing physical health problems.
  4. Red Vastu Crystal Balls are used attract good luck when placed in South.
  5. Blue Vastu Crystal Balls are used in Office for improving Business Planning.
  6. Green Vastu Crystal Balls are kept in East to enhance Career luck.
  7. Yellow Vastu Crystal Balls are used to improve mood.
  8. Pink Vastu Crystal Balls are used to improve relations.
  9. Orange Vastu Crystal Balls are used to attract money.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: All the products sold by us are PROGRAMMED and ENERGISED to your specific intention and goals. The aim is to attain highest potential positive results. As it is programmed it assures long-term life because only energised products have the capacity to generate energy for a short period. It requires repeated energizing. Programming eliminates this recurring activity.

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