Feng Shui Double Phoenix Coins Tree – Financial Prosperity & Debt Free Living

Feng Shui Double Phoenix Coins Tree for Financial Prosperity and Debt Free Living - AlternateHealing.net

Chinese Money Tree, also popular as Phoenix Coins Tree, is very special and powerful tool to attract money luck. Phoenix Coins tree apart from blessing with money luck also instigates cash flow and boost profits. It is a very powerful thing to have one as it also helps in clearing financial blocks by assisting in recovering outstanding money in the market and repaying debts.

There are many types of Chinese coins in the market but this tree is made of rare coins with double phoenix carved on it. These mini double phoenix coins are very rare to find but very powerful. Hence it becomes very important to choose the right ones. You can reach out to me to get the right one for you.

Speciality of Double Phoenix Coins Tree

Feng Shui Double Phoenix Coins Tree for Financial Prosperity and Debt Free Living - AlternateHealing.netPhoenix is the symbol of Fame in Feng Shui. This tree fills the surrounding with energy and characteristics of phoenix boosting success, opportunity, motivation and decision power. There is a unique combination of the double phoenixes on the coins of this tree which makes it different from others. Here, I have listed some of the effect noted after placing the Double Phoenix Coins Tree for my clients –

  1. For some, this combination has initiated Success Luck for Business, Ventures and Practices.
  2. It also brings Opportunity Luck to some that guided in New Financial Opportunities.
  3. It has ignited the Motivation Luck for some. It has helped grow the motivation forever and reach the sky.
  4. It has helped to build the capacity to take right decisions at right time.

Who should have a Double Phoenix Coins tree?

This is best suitable for those doing business, conducting ventures, practising professional skills and of course anyone and everyone those interested in gaining money! This tree should be placed in the South or South East corner of the place you use. It can also be placed on your working desk or table. This tool is flexible with its placement.

For any sort of clarifications of the product, orders, price, shipping charges, etc. mail to [email protected] or call 09867-152220.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the products sold by us are PROGRAMMED and ENERGISED to your specific intention and goals. The aim is to attain highest potential positive results. As it is programmed it assures long-term life because only energised products have the capacity to generate energy for a short period. It requires repeated energising. Programming eliminates this recurring activity.

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