Phoenix Bird – Recognition Luck and Fame

Phoenix Bird - FengShui Enhancer for Recognition Luck and Fame -

Today I am sharing with you about Phoenix Bird, one of the Feng Shui Enhancer and deeply connected with me. As you read ahead, you will know why I mentioned deeply connected to me. We all work hard, yet only a few of us are happy and lucky to receive the recognition for the amount of energy we put in. In Corporate world, recognition for the hard work and efforts is very important to survive and be motivated. I myself in my initial years had gone through the time where I felt that urge for recognition to deliver best. Phoenix bought it for me. Today, Phoenix has become part of my house.

How do you recognise Phoenix?

Phoenix Bird - FengShui Enhancer for Recognition Luck and Fame - AlternateHealing.netPhoenix represents female beauty and energy. It is one of those many reasons why I am connected to it closely. It is a beautiful bird with dominant of all birds. It has the head like a golden pheasant; beak like the parrot, the body is like of a mandarin duck, wings are like one of the rocs, feathers are big and beautiful like one of the peacock and beautiful legs like one of the crane. With beauty from all, it is also blessed with the power of infinite re-birth. You can see this beauty and re-birth feature nicely pictured in one of the Harry Potter movies.

What can the Phoenix do for you?

In Feng shui, it is said that Phoenix brings an unbelievable turnaround in once life. It brings good fortune to those who had been through tough times, suffered a lot in past, gone through bad luck phase in life and helps to overcome the pain, suffering and loss. It aids to run the business successfully. It is a perfect charm for all.

Phoenix also brings lots of opportunities in work and business to grow and shine. It builds potential to manage multiple ventures at the same time and smartly solve day-to-day problems and challenges.

What form is Phoenix used?

A Picture or a painting of Phoenix can be used to hang on the wall.

A red statue of Phoenix can be placed in the Master Bedroom to enhance Female energy. It can also be placed in your leaving room to enhance South sector.

Where to place Phoenix?

Phoenix Bird - FengShui Enhancer for Recognition Luck and Fame - AlternateHealing.netPhoenix is a bird is the symbol of power, longevity, endless luck and purity. Phoenix symbolises Fire and has its dominance on South direction. This is another reason for the strong bonding among us. I am a fire element with South as one of my prominent directions. Phoenix is placed in the South direction.

A statue of Phoenix PROGRAMMED and ENERGISED for the individual is also best placed in one’s direction of abundance. You should have one in our office placed behind your back for strength and support.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: All the products sold by us are PROGRAMMED and ENERGISED to your specific intention and goals. The aim is to attain highest potential positive results. As it is programmed it assures long-term life because only energised products have the capacity to generate energy for a short period. It requires repeated energising. Programming eliminates this recurring activity.

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