Overcoming Fear through Breathing

Overcoming Fear with Breathing - AlternateHealing

Breathing is not just a process where we breathe air in and out of our lungs for supplying oxygen for our body but the way we breathe, creates a rhythm which can be very effective for overcoming fears in us. Fear is the root cause of many diseases in our body. Some of them to list are Asphyxiating attacks, excessive appetite, appendicitis, belching, body odour, coma, fainting, I have an endless list from smallest to biggest health problems. Let us use this self-programmed process of breathing in a scientific way for overcoming fear and get benefited at the roots.

Breathing can be done through nose or mouth. Biology recommends breathing through the nose. The reason is, oxygen is absorbed in lungs while we exhale. Nose is a smaller opening compare to mouth which slower the exhalation process. This results in longer duration of air to be available in lungs for absorbing oxygen. More the oxygen absorbed more it is supplied to the brain.

In Ayurveda, there are beautiful techniques of breathing described in detail, called as Pranayam. Pranayam is a  yoga exercise for breathing. It controls the breath, emotions and vital energies. It creates positive energy feelings in the body.

The minute you are able to identify fear as an energy feeling in the body, you can convert it into a more positive feeling using Pranayam. One of the greatest ways to do is through breathing from the energy centre in the stomach.

Overcoming Fear with Breathing - AlternateHealing

EXERCISE: Breathing for Overcoming Fear:

  1. Sit in the upright position with your back straight.
  2. Move your attention on your abdomen. To make it more perfect, put your hands on the abdomen to feel the movement.
  3. Now inhale, feel the body blowing up like a balloon. Do it to the extent you are comfortable. You can increase the intensity gradually with daily practice.
  4. Hold your breath for some time.
  5. Now exhale, contract your whole body. Let all the air come out completely. The last bit of it.
  6. Remember to inhale through the nose.
  7. While breathing in and out massage your internal organs.
  8. Your belly should feel like it’s filling up with water.

Now, keep doing this a few times as mentioned above. Repeat this for a minimum of seven times. Then take a short break and start again. Do it in 3 cycles. It will not take more than 10 minutes of your time. Preferred time to do is after you wake up and before going to bed. You can do this in your office during short breaks. Ensure you have not eaten 30 minutes before this exercise. Avoid eating or drinking anything for 30 minutes after the exercise.

Soon you will see, the fear in you has vanished. You will be more confident and energetic. Every time I feel fear, I do 3 cycles of 3 breaths and it has shown wonders for me. I have used this for travel, fire, water and many such things for overcoming fear and am sure it will help you too. It is very effective to overcome phobia too.

For any personal guidance on overcoming fear, feel free to reach out to me by dropping a mail on [email protected] or leaving a comment below.

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