Home Remedies to Remove Negative Energies using Water

My grandmother used to tie lemon and chillies at the main door as one of the home remedies to protect the house from negative energies. I had been hearing many such tips from my elders and whenever I asked how and why, the only answer I got was, “It is a tradition, a belief or it is said.” There was no scientific explanation for me to believe it or accept.  During my study and research in Vastu and Feng Shui with Science, I tried to find answers to them. Some of them with their scientific reasoning are list d here for you to experience its miracles. It is going to be fun and at the same time very productive in nature. Do share your experiences in comments, for others to motivate implementing them.

Home Remedies using Water to remove Negative Energies

Home Remedies to Remove Negative Energies using Water - AlternateHealing.net

Keep a glass of still and fresh water under your bed overnight.

Placing a glass of clean and still water under the bed or on a table next to the bed helps to remove the negative energies.

Water is an element that attracts the negativity of people and environments. When you place the glass of water under the bed, it will attract all the bad energies around and people on the bed and gets concentrated in it. So, this was the reason why my grandmother used to ask me to clean the water pot every morning and fill it with fresh water.

What happens next day? If there are negative energies in your room or people sleeping in the room, you will see bubbles in the water or water has turned cloudy. This will help you learn how many negative energies you are surrounded with. Do not touch the water and flush it down the toilet. Continue doing this every night.

Home Remedies to Remove Negative Energies using Water - AlternateHealing.net

Water with negative energies post implementing home remedies.

The reason why it is said to take bath every morning before entering the kitchen is to ensure that your negative energies don’t affect the food you prepare.

I will share much more such simple and effective home remedies for negative energies in coming posts. I am sure they will create a positive environment around you.

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