Gratitude – My Journey

#AlternateHealing - #Gratitude

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, show appreciation and full of the power of positivity.

Since when I was a 10 years old kid, my mom always reminded me to be appreciative of the things I got and be thankful to the person who made it possible for me. That time, I used to complain her why she forces me to be appreciative when I am not happy with what I received as it was not as per my expectations. She always told me one thing that I still hear in my ears, “Be thankful, you will get more.”

Gratitude is an emotion. It is very easy and simple. I am sure, you must have a question in your mind at this moment, “How do I forcefully experience some emotions?”. Even I had this same doubt when I started with this practice. The rule is simple, there are no rules. Don’t worry. Don’t think much. Just do it.

When I read about it in the writings of Louise Hay, it was sounding very simple. The journey was full of roadblocks, but I am grateful for experiencing and learning more about me. I started with doing it in the mind. It was extremely suffocating. Then it was talking aloud. It made me breathless and  tiring. At times, it was depressing and I used to cry. My mentor guided me through this process. She talked to me daily about how was the experience and every day my reply was the same, “I am not feeling anything about what I am doing”. She always replied the same thing “keep doing… it’s the right path”.

#AlternateHealing - #Gratitude

Be grateful for everything. Express gratitude.

One day, while talking over the phone I was scribbling in a notepad about my conversation. When the conversation was over and was collecting my thoughts about it I noticed that I have written few words in the notepad like, “cool”, “thank god”, “wow”, “walla”and “thank you”. This made me think how does this come on paper without me thinking about it. It was the power of subconscious mind. All that I was doing it these days was training my mind and hence I was not feeling anything about it. I picked up the pen and started writing in the notepad whatever I was feeling at that moment. To my surprise, I could write one page only on what I am thankful for in that phone call conversation. The call was for 15 to 20 minutes but it had more than 25 things I was feeling good and grateful about. Every statement I wrote, started with thank you. From then I decide to write my gratitude and I made a Journal for Gratitude.

Since that day, every day I express my gratitude in my journal. Louise Hay also talked about writing it in a journal, in her book, Gratitude: A way to life. It is an amazing book and I am so grateful to her for writing this book.

From then I was pulled into it. I researched on Internet, read books and talked to wise people to learn more about it. I tried each and every new thing I read or heard about gratitude and it was miraculous. The experiences were so unique and full of ‘wow’ feeling.

#AlternateHealing - #Gratitude

1. Writing gratitude notes and sharing it with family, friends, acquaintances, random people I met.

Some of the things I tried to express gratitude

  1. Writing gratitude notes and sharing it with family, friends, acquaintances, random people I met.
  2. Writing gratitude letters to my close ones.
  3. Whispering gratitude in the ears of people.
  4. Putting up gratitude tree.
  5. Reading gratitude experiences to the kids in the school.

Be innovative. Do whatever suits you best. Express gratitude and you will be filled with love and joy. It is simply amazing! I am so grateful to get this opportunity to share my journey of Gratitude to you all and I am so grateful to you all to read about my journey. Do leave a comment about your experiences here to inspire others also. So together we can make this place for better living with full of love and happiness.

Thank you for everything!

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