Career Success with Positive Space

Career Success with Positve Space -

In my last article, I had listed tips for setting up thoughts that can aid for job success. It’s time to set up the place. With right energies internally and around us will make things works magically. There are few things you can do to build positive energies at your workplace which will also supplement for a positive mindset and career success.

Essential Things to Achieve Career Success

Let me share my experience on what I am trying to put across today. Before joining HDFC Life, I was for a couple of month into freelancing work. I was teaching computers and giving Vastu and Feng Shui Consultation from home. I was practising affirmations – to be in the right place, at right time doing the right thing. This affirmation worked and I got the opportunity to work at

Career Success with Positve Space -

Clear Quartz pyramid for Career Success

Before joining HDFC Life, I was, for a couple of months into freelancing work. I was teaching Computers and providing Vastu and Feng Shui Consultation from home. I was practising affirmations to be in the right place, at right time doing the right thing. This affirmation worked and I got the opportunity to work at HDFC Life. But it was not the only thing. Working from home was not easy but definitely convenient.

I had implemented all the solutions and remedies required for a balanced energy at home. But these energies lacked the power to get me great work. I struggled to get work. It was obvious, as I did not realise that I have missed on the very important factor. For me, my home was my office too. I had to work on the energies at home such that it benefits me for both personal and professional life. It was time to make those changes so I don’t miss on opportunities universe was passing on to me and my career success.

Tips for Career Success Implemented in my House

  1. While you work from home, we generally use the entire house as our workplace. This is wrong. I assigned a space in the house, which was used only while I am working. As I had a desktop, it was easy to do. If you are working on a laptop, you will be more comfortable to use it in your bedroom. Don’t do that. A bedroom is for the personal life. Work should not interfere in your personal life.
  2. Now I had to enhance the energy on the computer table, such that I am protected from the negative radiations of the computer and stay calm while working. I installed Quartz pyramids on the computer table. Quartz pyramids are a wonderful tool for removing negative energy and generating positive work atmosphere. Will write more about it in near future.
  3. I had to make sure, I have constant motivation while I am at my work desk. I posted motivational quotes and my vision board on the wall the table was kept. I also posted my Affirmations for Job Success.
  4. To make the place more lively, I had placed small Bamboo Plant (Lucky Plant) on the desk on the left corner of the desk. It served two purposes, one, it made the desk lively and two, in Feng Shui, Bamboo plant is used for support and growth. There are many things to know about Bamboo Plant which will be covered later.
Career Success with Positve Space -

Bamboo Plant – Feng Shui Lucky Plant for Career Success

These few changes brought lots of changes. My approach towards work changed. My dedication and concentration in work increased and moreover the energy around me was changing. After 3 months or so from the changes I made, I got to work for HDFC Life through a third party organisation and just after 9 months on the payroll of the third party, I was absorbed by the organisation. My biggest leap to career success.

It was equally important for me to keep up the same progressing energy on my desk in the office I was deputed. Below are few things which I did there and they are common for all of us. They are easy to carry out for career success and effective to get our energies purified on daily basis.

Feng Shui Tips for Career Success

  1. Career Success with Positve Space -

    Feng Shui Galloping Horse for Career Success

    Install Quartz Pyramids for positive energy. Amethyst crystal for alertness, focus and concentration at work. Rose Quartz crystals for love among the team members and others in the office.

  2. Place certificates of achievements for boosting Career Luck and Career Success.
  3. Place a Crystal Horse for boosting rapid growth in career.

You can also use these tips which I did not do as energies were already balanced and high. My senior from Sales called me ‘Josh’ (my surname Joshi and the energy with what I used to be at work).

  1. Place a Gem Tree on the desk for financial, career and professional growth.
  2. Place a Bamboo plant on your desk for support.

Most importantly, make sure your desk is clutter free, clean, spic-n-span. This is the basic rule. Doing everything mentioned above but ignoring this will never help for career success. It is also the first ‘S’ of 5S principals implemented in all the offices. You can read here on – What is 5S? Thanks to HDFC Life to train and certify me on 5S, it helps me to assists, my commercial clients, too. All the magic of energies, connecting the dots.

All the best for your career success. See you soon. Stay tuned.

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