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This life is a gift to humankind and it is blessed with infinite abundance. We all are equally blessed with tools to carve ourselves and our life, but we lack the skills to use these tools. My journey towards Body-Mind-Soul healing is all about mastering these tools and carving myself to enrich my life with infinite abundance.

What is Abundance for you?

In search of true abundance, all that I had experienced was trying to fill the container with money, objects, relationship or anything and everything my ego feels will give happiness. But the container was as deep and hollow as a black hole; you never know where everything is going inside it! I started developing the feeling of nothingness and emptiness as the truth is there was no Love in it. As I go further, I will tell you why I have mentioned Love here.

“Doing what you love and money will follow”, so well said. Practising this gave me the pleasure of doing things I loved. The reality was, I was just satisfying my demanding ego and it was also about doing things for money. Gradually, I started realising that all that I do is what I love but what am I doing about the love I have within me. At this juncture, there was thoughts, feelings and curiosity to find out what Love has to do with Abundance and the journey in search for abundance began.

I had realised that abundance is all about spreading the love. Love is nothing but the infinite creative energy of our mind. This is also well explained in the book “Infinite Creative Energy of the Divine Mind”.

Infinite Abundance - AlternateHealing.net

How to fill life with Infinite Abundance?

With the teachings of the mentors, scriptures, books from great authors and a consistent practice, slowly and gradually, it was getting clearer that energy of abundance and energy of love is the same energy. This energy is nothing but the energy of the Universe from which everything, we exists. So now the path was clear as I had learnt that I have to focus on creating things, situations, events that aid me to share love more effectively and the more love I share the more energy I will gain. This will, in turn, fill me with and around the flow of abundance.

Simple technique to practise Abundance –

I learnt this technique from my beloved baby Leo (my pet, Labrador). When we got him, we were excited thinking about the lovely moments we will share with him like, cuddling, playing and cute lovely moments with his innocent expressions. It was the outcome we were thinking about. This is true for use in all situations. When we want something we think about the benefits we will get out of it.

Infinite Abundance - AlternateHealing.net

But Leo taught me that it is not only about playing, cuddling and fun. He needed daily, regularly walk thrice a day, proper feeding, playing with him daily and constant care. By doing so, today we share an unbreakable bond. Practices of Abundance also need constant care. Consistency! Once you build it the bond is unbreakable.

To start with, I suggest you to daily practise meditation for 30 minutes in the morning. This is the best first thing to do in the morning. This will help you to build awareness about your consciousness even when you are not paying attention to your thoughts. Building awareness is very important as the Abundance begins in the consciousness.

Links for some Guided Meditations I use –

I will share some simple techniques to practise abundance consciousness shortly. So, stay connected with me on Facebook and do drop a comment below in the comment box.

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