Free from Depression using Gratitude

To be free from depression, gratitude aids in a big way. Gratitude is very simple yet most effective way to get rid of depression and feel happiness.

 Free from Depression

How does Gratitude help us to be free from depression?

Once you make gratitude as the part of your life and follow it daily, you will see endless benefits coming in your life. Gratitude, not only benefits psychologically but also physically.

You will feel filled with love, there will be vibrations of  joy all around you, you will be more content and happy, you will get sound and deep sleep, your immunity will boost.

free from depression

5 things to do daily to express gratitude –

  1. Express gratitude twice a day, first thing in the morning and just before going to bed.
  2. Be grateful about every small thing you can remember about.
  3. Make your Gratitude Journal and use it daily.
  4. Do small acts of kindness whenever possible.
  5. Write gratitude letters or notes and give to at least 3 people.

I have previously shared my journey on the path of gratitude. You can also read my answers on Quora on how to overcome depression using gratitude.

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