Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen Ill-Effects

Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen -

I am assuming, you have gone through my previous article on Understanding the importance of Vastu for Kitchen. The article briefs you about ‘What is Vastu for Kitchen?’. Today we will look at the ‘Why’ part of it. I have made an attempt to explain ‘Why is Vastu for Kitchen important?’ and what can be the consequences /ill-effects might face or experience because of a Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen.

If you have read the article – ‘घर के लिए वास्तु का महत्व क्या है?’, it has few things listed on ‘वास्तु दोष वाले घर में क्या गलत हो सकता है?’ and this article is also on similar lines. We will see what all can go wrong when your kitchen is non-compliant to Vastu principles.

Problems due to Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen

The major areas of our lives are Health, Wealth and Harmony. All these three areas get affected when a house has a Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen. Let us see each of them individually.

Let’s talk about Health first.

Health Loss due to Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen

This is very crucial and most impacted area. As we know, the kitchen is the place where the raw material is converted to food that we can consume. Now, in what kind of energy it is cooked will decide the quality of food cooked and this, in turn, will decide how this food is going to nourish our health. The energy levels are very low and negative energy is prominent ruler in the Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen. This can result in poor nourishment, ill health and at times untimely death. It is not only the head of the family getting affected but the consumers and the cook too.

Wealth Loss due to Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen

Kitchen represents Fire Element. The placement of fire in the wrong place can lead to burn out everything in and around the place it is placed. Kitchen placed in Wealth sector can lead to a heavy financial loss. This can start with symptoms of deteriorating financial conditions leading to heavy debts and bankruptcy. Hence, it is very important to ensure the placement of Fire and Kitchen is as per Vastu Principles.

Impact on Family Harmony due to Vastu Non-Complaint Kitchen

There is a very famous saying – “People that eats together, lives together.” This sentence itself explains the reason why I feel the Family Harmony is part of this list. Summing the consequences of Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen on Health and Wealth, the direct impact is on Family Harmony. This consequences will lead to clashes and fights among the family members. It can rise to the extent of separation or divorce too.

My aim is to help you be aware of the consequences and prepare you to face them boldly. It is absolutely not to scare you or fill you with fear. Trust me, all this can be avoided with small changes in your kitchen. Tomorrow, I will share with you how to overcome the problems you might face with a Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen. So stay tuned and do leave your opinion about the article in the comment box below.

The same article in Hindi – वास्तु उल्लंघन रसोई के दुष्प्रभाव – क्यों रसोई के लिए वास्तु महत्वपूर्ण?

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