Vastu for Bedroom – Things to Ensure in Bedroom

Vastu for Bedroom -

Yesterday we saw few Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom. Today we will look at Vastu for Bedroom in general as many small flats might not have a Master Bedroom. As you are aware and we discussed yesterday why a bedroom is a critical place in a house and its correct Vastu is so important, the same things are applicable here also. Today we will see how to select a bedroom for individual members in the house. We will also see today if there is only one bedroom in the house then what are the things to keep in mind to avoid negative energies influencing the bedroom life.

Vastu for Bedroom Direction

  1. Master bedroom – South-west
  2. Small Children Bedroom – West/East
  3. Adult / Unmarried Children – West
  4. Guest Bedroom – West
  5. Unmarried Son’s Bedroom – South-east
  6. In-house Office – Bedroom converted to Office – SouthEast
  7. No bedroom should be placed in the centre of the house.

Sleeping Direction as per Vastu for Bedroom

Here, we will see what can be the benefit of placing legs towards a particular direction.

  1. East – It gives benefit of Fame, Reputation and Richness
  2. West – Mental Harmony, Inclination towards Spiritualism, with few it can lead to Arguments also
  3. North – It brings Prosperity and Abundance
  4. South – Lack of sleep, Evil dreams, restlessness, Heaviness in the chest

Vastu for Bedroom Entrance

It is advisable, as per Vastu for Bedroom, to have the entrance of the bedroom in the East direction. Other advisable directions are North and West. You should try to avoid the South entrance as it will lead to placement of bed such that your legs will point towards South. This can be harmful as we saw above.

These are few things you can look at while choosing the arrangement of your bedroom.

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The same article will be published in Hindi shortly – बेडरूम के लिए वास्तु टिप्स.

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