Kitchen Vastu – What is Vastu for Kitchen?

Kitchen Vastu – Understanding the Meaning of Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen Vastu – What is Vastu for Kitchen? -

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Today, I am going to elaborate little about Kitchen Vastu as many of my readers and clients have asked frequently, Why is Kitchen Vastu so important? And What is Kitchen Vastu all about?

Kitchen Vastu is essential as kitchen represents Fire Element. The placement of fire in the wrong place can lead to burn out everything in and around the place it is placed. Sun is a Fire Ball. As much as Sun is important for Living, so is the Fire. The human body is made of 5 elements and Fire is one of them. So it is even important for living. But when this Fire is out of control or there is no fire, in both these extreme situation the only disaster can take place. So it is very important that the right amount of fire is placed in the right place for a balanced living.

The kitchen is the place where the raw material is converted to food that we can consume. This is done with the help of fire. Just imagine if there is less fire or no fire, will you be able to enjoy half cooked food? Or take an instance of too much of fire – can you eat burned food due to excess exposure to fire.

In the same way, too much or too less fire in the human body also affects the way it operates. With no fire in one’s body, will there be any desire, zest, passion, motivation, etc? All these are fire instincts? With too much of fire, you will be aggressive, angry, hot-headed – will you have the power to think before you say or act? – The answer is No. so it is very important to have balanced fire element in and around us.

What is Kitchen Vastu / Vastu for Kitchen?

To understand, Kitchen Vastu, let us break these two words and understand them separately, as we did while understanding Vastu for Home (घर के लिए वास्तु – वास्तु मार्गदर्शक श्रृंखला) in earlier Hindi post.

Vastu – Vastu Shastra is an ancient science from India for a prosperous and healthy living. It is a science which works on principles of balancing energies, filling the environment with positive energies and helping eliminate the negative energies from the house/premises. I am assuming you have read the Hindi Article – घर के लिए वास्तु – वास्तु मार्गदर्शक श्रृंखला as it explains What is Vastu, in very simple and easy to understand language.

Going further, Let us understand the word ‘Kitchen’ of Kitchen Vastu.

Kitchen – As I mentioned earlier, it is the place where the raw material is converted to food that we can consume. I would say, it is the place of revolutionary transformation. This is because this cooked food has the power to provide energy to the consumers (family members) and also act as a poison. It all depended on in what environment it is cooked and the mindset of the person who has cooked. As we all know, our mind is highly influenced by the environment, so the key role played here is by the environment it is cooked.

Now, connecting both the words, Kitchen + Vastu = Kitchen Vastu, we can say,

“Kitchen Vastu is an Indian Ancient Science for balancing the energies of the environment in which healthy and nutritious food is cooked for healthy living.”

This definition itself explains the importance of Kitchen Vastu. Still, tomorrow, I will share with you the problems you might face with a Vastu Non-Compliant Kitchen. So stay tuned and do leave your opinion about the article in the comment box below.

The same article in Hindi – रसोई घर वास्तु – रसोई घर के लिए वास्तु का अर्थ क्या हैं?

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