How Vastu Works in Our Life – A Glance

how vastu works - anand daman factoryHow Vastu Works

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to talk about how Vastu works in our homes.

To start with a complete paper work is needed with all layouts and not the satiable changes on it.

For your understanding how vastu works in a factory, I have a sample image of a factory layout to understand it better.

Match this layout with the Vastu standardised layouts for a division of the area. An image can be seen in Vastu Tips’ post.

The suggestions are generally with respect to the nature of work. It is very important to examine the unit with respect to the construction, arrangements and interior as shown in the factory layout here.

Now, the arrangements are re-organised keeping in mind the directions and corners as per the Vastu Purush’s arrangements. Using of various Pyramid Instruments to avoid demolition’s and Feng Sui products to rectify directions can help a lot.

The suggestions are always customised as per the unit and its use.

For better results or to understand more critically how Vastu works for you, kindly consult a Vastu Consultant and avoid the wrong use of instruments. You can read more about Vastu tips for home and Vastu tips for office on my blog.


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