Water Fountain – Feng Shui Tips for Wealth Luck

Enhance your Luck with a Water Fountain

Alternate Healing - Water Fountain for Wealth Enhancement

Alternate Healing – Water Fountain for Wealth Enhancement

85% of my clients complain, “Even after earning well, we are unable to accumulate wealth at home.”

Accumulation of wealth is associated with many parameters. Starting from being grateful for what you have to mindset, from balanced energy to enhancing the Wealth sector in your home.

Today, I will share a simple and very effective way to enhance Wealth sector. A live water fountain placed in the North direction of your home is one of the most effective Vastu tips for home and workplace to attract wealth.

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Manisha Joshi is a Vastu and Feng Shui consultant with experience of 15+yrs. She also expertise in Crystal Healing, Astrology and Numerology. She is a Reiki Master and Chakra Healer healing people with concepts of Mind Power and Power of Positivity.

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