About Manisha Joshi


Manisha Joshi is one of the eminent astrologer and Vastu consultants from Mumbai, Business capital of India. She has been practising in Vedic Indian astrology since last fifteen years. During the journey, she discovered there are many aspects of life’s affected by the environment around the individual and then she diverted her energy in this field and gained wonderful result for her clients.

She provides consultation on Vastu with the combination of Feng Shui, Crystal Healing, Astrology and Numerology combining latest technological advancements with traditional wisdom. Her aim is to gain maximum benefit of the environment and natural forces for a healthy, harmonious and prospering living. She also ensures that the people live & work by being in complete balance with the forces of nature and hence have complete convenience and safety.

Manisha Joshi is amongst very few consultants who expertise in corrections without demolitions. The project includes residential, commercial premises, factories, offices and shops.

Manisha Joshi is also a Reiki Master and Chakra Healer helping and advising people to heal their energies. She has a Holistic Energy Art for Life (HEAL) approach to maximise benefits for her clients. She has been helping people overcome their mental health problems with concepts of Mind Power and Power of Positivity.